Featured Rider #1

From now on we have a new segment for featured rider, highligting some of the great rider I ever know on the street. For the first one, Im honoured to introduce you to my homeboy Mior Amir. One of the most humble human I ever met. He’s a very soft spoken guy but trust me once he get on his bike, he will turn into a beast! A good friend and no doubt a great rider aswell. Checkout his interview below.

1. Introduce yourself.

My name is Mior Amir Aizat, I’m 26 and from KL. Test Engineer at MIMOS. I love to play futsal and travel.

2. What’s your current setup?

Cinelli Mash 2010 Green, 
Omnium with Zen, 
front Zipp 808 and rear Deep V, 
Keo2Max pedals
Deda Zero100 road bar. 
Selle Italia SLR

3. Why fixed gear?

Regardless of today’s trend reason behind is because of its simplicity, easy setup, less expensive but the main reason is because of the art of riding track bike in the street, brakeless.

4. What do you think about our local scene?

Growing and keep on growing. The culture, our involvement and contribution to fixed gear scene make us prominent among others. The successful of KLIFGT shows how capable we are. Fixed gear is now everywhere. All we need is more races and events to keep it coming.

5. Who’s your favourite local/international riders and why? 

Azizul Hasni for sure, his successful career as a sprinter makes Malaysia renowned for its cycling culture. Beast in two wheels, what else can I say? Rainier Schaefer one of the earliest members from mash sf, he looks so fucking fast from the vids. One of my favourite setup unfortunately I couldn’t get any vigorelli

6.Favourite route to ride?

Busy traffic, hills, Genting Sempah. Period.

6. Your future plan for 2012?

Looking forward to the next crit haram, fixed fest Jakarta 2012, KLIFGT 2012 ??

7. Any shoutout?

Don’t forget to wear your helmet. Ride safe. Swag. 


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