Featured rider #4

Skinny, dark skin tone, can be a looud and shy person depends on his mood. Apis Jyeah, the fastest cat in town. No one can really argure with the fact that he got the fastest leg at the moment. He won almost everything single race he took part this year. Please don’t be confuse in between him and Pharell Williams. Because they both looks almost the same. Shout out to  Efendy Mesebah for this awesome photos. Checkout the rest of the interview with the owner of this bullet legs..

1. Please introduce yourself..

Muhamad Hafiz aka Apis Born in the year 1985.Work as Assistant Manager in F&B sector. 
I also do some photography during my free time (Check out my flickr site). I just got sponsored by Colossi.

2. How did you started riding fixed gear?

I’ve started build & riding fixed gear bike since I was in secondary school in the year 2000. I just use it for commute ride from point A to point B. Its been a while since I get off from the saddle after finish school in 2002, I got busy working ever since. After seeing a good progress on fixed gear scene in Malaysia, I got myself back on the saddle in 2010. I built my 1st track bike and keep on riding until now.

3. How did you get sponsored by Colossi?

Fixed fest 2012 Jakarta.Big thank to my buddy Faz and dura for introduce me to Sander Kole.(I owe you guys BIGTIME!) Sander was looking forward for a potential rider to ride along with Colossi team.After a few conversation and knowing about my achievement in the fixed gear scene,they agreed to hook me up.

4. What do you thing about Malaysian fixed gear scene at the moment?

To be honest,it seems that the scene now days are getting more interesting here in Malaysia. There’s more and more fixed gear event that been held. As example the Kuala Lumpur International Fixed Gear Tournament (KLIFGT) come to its 2nd time this year. For me it is the biggest event for fixed gear scene in Malaysia. I’m would be glad that people around the world now will recognise us here.

5. Seems like you’re getting faster and stronger and faster each day. Whats your secret?

Hahaa,no secret right here man. Just keep on training hard, that’s all. I’m still learning.

6. Who’s your favourite riding/training buddy?

There’s no specific name here, I just ride along with anyone out there. The usual guys (you know who you are)

7. Who’s your favourite track and road riders?

Of course my national track cyclist Azizul Hasni Awang.He makes us Malaysian proud!

8.Favourite route to ride in Malaysia?

Streets of Kuala Lumpur, Genting Sempah, Johor Bahru.

9.When you’re not cycling, what else do you do during your free time?

Hangout! Other than that I do photography ,mostly portraiture and landscape.

10. What do you think about fixed gear scene in Malaysia for the next 2-3 years?

Well I hope that the scene now will keep it momentum going and keep it growing. With more frequent of cycling/fixed gear event that been organised, I believe it will stay alive.

11. Any last shout out?

1st of all I would praise to God for the blessing. To my family, friends that keep supporting and sponsor.Keep on riding and ride safe.



Photo by Efendy Mesebah from deesphoto.net

More pictures here


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