Im back!


Sorry for the lack of post for this past 3 weeks. I just got back from Australia visiting family and friends. I got to say that this is by far the best trip for this year. It’s summer time in Australia. The best place on earth for you to spend your summer. Why? This big land has alot to offer. Especially to those who love nature and cycling. I had the best experience in both sightseeing and riding my roadbike. Went to alot of woods, beaches, waterfall, ate alot of great foods, learn how to drink coffee ( Im not a coffee drinker) make alot of new friends, got lost in the city, visited some factory, learn how to surf (failed)¬†and lots more…photo-1

Brisbane itself is a hilly place. Coming from a flat ground in KL, I was struggling in the beginning to get use to this kind of route and I really wish I brought my track bike. Because I personally think that riding up the hills with track bikes is easier. Unlike KL where you need to drive to a place for you to ride, here you can just roll out from your house to a destination that you want to be. Not to forget, the cycling scene over there is huge! It’s a part of their culture to ride bikes not only for their health, but its one of the main transportation for them to get them to point A to point B. The goverment even build a highway for the cyclist along side the river! I had a chance to race in the local alleycat race and in the velodrome where I race in Cat C and Cat B on the same night. It was totally next level! I really wish I can stay longer so I can get this kind of opportunity to train myself and take it to another level.

There’s so much things to share but I will try to translate this trip on my next video edit. A big shoutout to my brother from another mother, Nelson, Gypsy, Grace, Charlie, Patrick, Alex, Anabell, Dayne, Erik, Dylan, Max, Jake and the rest of the crew at Roger Street for the great hospitality. I can’t thank you enough.. Can’t wait to see you guys in KL next year!

  1. Hills on a track bike seem easier to me when my cardio conditioning isn’t as good as my leg strength. It is a sign that I need to do more high-cadence spinning, rather than low gear pushing.

    • Exactly. I personally think with the momentum of the gear will help you alot on your climbing. BUT this only apply if you’re climbing a minor hills. Not a major one thats for sure..

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