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I found this interesting article from Farhana Najib on FB. Best of luck Irwan!

 Irwan Cheng..born and breed in Ipoh since 22 years ago is a Mechanical Engineering student who love cycling so much. Since he was 10, cycling is the passion of her own and been influenced by the cycling culture in Copenhagen, Denmark.With his skills and knowledge in metal works and tools, he sat his hand, from scratch to build the first ever “Long John” (Freight bicycles, carrier cycles, freight tricycles, cargo bikes, cycletrucks, or long johns, are human powered vehicles designed and constructed specifically for transporting loads) cargo bike in Malaysia. one of a kind, and the first prototype ever made _ by him. These machine is build for carry cargo, errands, tyres or even kid when his wooden box is completed! For Irwan, it’s his ambition to spread the cycling culture among Malaysian’s or ‘ spreadind the Pedalgasm ‘. He also sells and builds this bike upon request. The production bike model may be vary and slightly different as this is only a prototype.

I went to China last month for Asian FIxed Gear Championship and I met the founder of Colossi, Jan Kole. As a gift for his great hospitality during my trip to Shenzen, I’ve decided to make a short documentary about his factory. You’ll be suprise to see how big the factory is and with how many big brands they work with. Can’t name it here but trust me you’ll be suprise. See it yourself how do they do it in Asia (building frames). Thanks for everything Jan and Sander. I owe you guys bigtime!

Skinny, dark skin tone, can be a looud and shy person depends on his mood. Apis Jyeah, the fastest cat in town. No one can really argure with the fact that he got the fastest leg at the moment. He won almost everything single race he took part this year. Please don’t be confuse in between him and Pharell Williams. Because they both looks almost the same. Shout out to  Efendy Mesebah for this awesome photos. Checkout the rest of the interview with the owner of this bullet legs..

1. Please introduce yourself..

Muhamad Hafiz aka Apis Born in the year 1985.Work as Assistant Manager in F&B sector. 
I also do some photography during my free time (Check out my flickr site). I just got sponsored by Colossi.

2. How did you started riding fixed gear?

I’ve started build & riding fixed gear bike since I was in secondary school in the year 2000. I just use it for commute ride from point A to point B. Its been a while since I get off from the saddle after finish school in 2002, I got busy working ever since. After seeing a good progress on fixed gear scene in Malaysia, I got myself back on the saddle in 2010. I built my 1st track bike and keep on riding until now.

3. How did you get sponsored by Colossi?

Fixed fest 2012 Jakarta.Big thank to my buddy Faz and dura for introduce me to Sander Kole.(I owe you guys BIGTIME!) Sander was looking forward for a potential rider to ride along with Colossi team.After a few conversation and knowing about my achievement in the fixed gear scene,they agreed to hook me up.

4. What do you thing about Malaysian fixed gear scene at the moment?

To be honest,it seems that the scene now days are getting more interesting here in Malaysia. There’s more and more fixed gear event that been held. As example the Kuala Lumpur International Fixed Gear Tournament (KLIFGT) come to its 2nd time this year. For me it is the biggest event for fixed gear scene in Malaysia. I’m would be glad that people around the world now will recognise us here.

5. Seems like you’re getting faster and stronger and faster each day. Whats your secret?

Hahaa,no secret right here man. Just keep on training hard, that’s all. I’m still learning.

6. Who’s your favourite riding/training buddy?

There’s no specific name here, I just ride along with anyone out there. The usual guys (you know who you are)

7. Who’s your favourite track and road riders?

Of course my national track cyclist Azizul Hasni Awang.He makes us Malaysian proud!

8.Favourite route to ride in Malaysia?

Streets of Kuala Lumpur, Genting Sempah, Johor Bahru.

9.When you’re not cycling, what else do you do during your free time?

Hangout! Other than that I do photography ,mostly portraiture and landscape.

10. What do you think about fixed gear scene in Malaysia for the next 2-3 years?

Well I hope that the scene now will keep it momentum going and keep it growing. With more frequent of cycling/fixed gear event that been organised, I believe it will stay alive.

11. Any last shout out?

1st of all I would praise to God for the blessing. To my family, friends that keep supporting and sponsor.Keep on riding and ride safe.



Photo by Efendy Mesebah from

More pictures here

Last week some of us gathered to celebrate my new place and we had a bbq/dinner together. As a Muslim, we’ll be celebrating Aidilfitri tomorrow after a month of fasting. We would love to wish to all of our muslim and non muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

Here down here is a photos of some of us at my place during that night. It was a great night and we all had fun! Too bad some of some can’t make it to complete the group photos… Can’t wait for the next ghatering! Photo by Firhan Fikrin.

P/S: M.I.A – Duraath, Afeeq, Shahrul, Val Halla, Marty (Australia), Nelson (Australia), Nizam, Na’im, Hadi, Naim Mazali and Shamil.

For some of you who already know this guy up here is my real brother from another mother. This may sounds gay but I just can’t believe what we’ve been through together because the fact that we only know each other thru internet during the early stage of our friendship. Now we’re both riding in the same team for Leader Bike USA and Peonfx. We spent some time during his lunch hour to get some photos for Peonfx new products. Checkout the rest of the interview with the one and only Rudy Melo.

1. Introduce yourself.
Hi, I am Rudy Melo, I was born in Brazil and live in London, UK. I ride for Leader Bike USA, The 5th Floor, Brick Lane Bikes and Peonfx. I like travelling, design, photography, fashion, old VWs, old vespas, coffee and love cycling.

2. What’s your ride?

Leader Bike 725 frame with a Leader Bike i806TR Carbon Forks
BLB King Hubs laced to a Velocitiy Deep V
Sugino 75 with a Sugino Zen Chainring
San Marco Zoncolan
Pro Mark Cavendish bars
Leader Bike 735 Frame with a Leader Bike i806TR Carbon Forks
Mavic Ellipse wheels
Ominium with a Shimano Olympic Zen
Easton EC90 Track bars

3. Your favourite route to ride, whit who and why?
 My favourite routes to ride are busy traffic, hills, Richmond Park and any green country side and the people I like to ride with would be the guys from the 5th Floor and people that have become my friend from my trips to America and Asia, you know who you are, no need to name anyone.

  You’ve been riding and race all over the world. Tell me the different between riding in UK, US and Asia and which one is you favourite?

I love riding in London. The US was really cool to ride, I really liked the wide roads and good weather, that is the west coast and from what I have experienced, I really enjoyed riding there. Malaysia was crazy man, the traffic is mad, scooters everywhere, weaving in and out of traffic, which was fun, it was also very HOT and humid as hell, but I like it, I prefer to ride in hot weather. Some day I would like to ride the East Coast of US, Jakarta, which I heard is crazy, some European Alps and Japan.

5. Your top 5 favourite riders?
Shit, this is a hard one, loads riders would be equally in the top 5 for me. But to break down, not in any particular order, would have to be Sir Chirs Hoy, Bradley Wiggins, Graeme Obree, Mark Cavendish and Eddy Merckx. There are many more riders, pro and street, that are equally on my top list, but those ones came to my mind first.

When and where is your next race and what’s you plan for the rest of the year?
My next race would be this weekend, (last Sunday) Wolf Pack Hustle in LA and then The HUNT crit in London. For the rest of the year I would like to attend as many events/race as possible, definitely want to be back to Asia.

 Hows the fixed gear scene in London?

London scene has died down, comparing to 2/3 years ago, but The 5th floor keeps the riding side of fixed gear alive and Track cycling in London is great, Herne Hill has a great community and vibe, you hardly see any hipsters there, sometimes you do, but the regulars there are real cycling enthusiasts.

8. Any shout out?
Big shout out to The 5th Floor, Leader Bike, Sal, Peonfx, Brick Lane Bikes and Patrick at Pedal Consumption for the support. Also big shout out to the coaches and volunteers at Herne Hill, for keeping the velodrome and track sessions alive, to everyone that has supported me in the past, to everyone who organises events and keep the sport going, to David Cheek for always helping me out and to you for featuring me. Thank you! Ride safe!

Muhamad Aldjaidi is a good friend of mine from Jakarta Indonesia. He ride for Rocket Company Jakarta which I believe one of the sickest bike shop in the world! Mamad is a great guy on and off the bike. Another humble and shy person but he’s definately one of my favourite guy to hangout with whenever Im in Jakarta. He dont looks like Indonesian isn’t he? Yeah because he’s originally from Yaman and not to forget he’s also a vegetarian. No wonder he’s damn fast once he get on his bike. Miss you buddy!

From now on we have a new segment for featured rider, highligting some of the great rider I ever know on the street. For the first one, Im honoured to introduce you to my homeboy Mior Amir. One of the most humble human I ever met. He’s a very soft spoken guy but trust me once he get on his bike, he will turn into a beast! A good friend and no doubt a great rider aswell. Checkout his interview below.

1. Introduce yourself.

My name is Mior Amir Aizat, I’m 26 and from KL. Test Engineer at MIMOS. I love to play futsal and travel.

2. What’s your current setup?

Cinelli Mash 2010 Green, 
Omnium with Zen, 
front Zipp 808 and rear Deep V, 
Keo2Max pedals
Deda Zero100 road bar. 
Selle Italia SLR

3. Why fixed gear?

Regardless of today’s trend reason behind is because of its simplicity, easy setup, less expensive but the main reason is because of the art of riding track bike in the street, brakeless.

4. What do you think about our local scene?

Growing and keep on growing. The culture, our involvement and contribution to fixed gear scene make us prominent among others. The successful of KLIFGT shows how capable we are. Fixed gear is now everywhere. All we need is more races and events to keep it coming.

5. Who’s your favourite local/international riders and why? 

Azizul Hasni for sure, his successful career as a sprinter makes Malaysia renowned for its cycling culture. Beast in two wheels, what else can I say? Rainier Schaefer one of the earliest members from mash sf, he looks so fucking fast from the vids. One of my favourite setup unfortunately I couldn’t get any vigorelli

6.Favourite route to ride?

Busy traffic, hills, Genting Sempah. Period.

6. Your future plan for 2012?

Looking forward to the next crit haram, fixed fest Jakarta 2012, KLIFGT 2012 ??

7. Any shoutout?

Don’t forget to wear your helmet. Ride safe. Swag. 


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