Sorry for the lack of post lately. I’vebeen super busy working and riding. I don’t really have much time to spend on my computer because I would rather spend my time outside with my bikes!

Anyway, I just got myself a new Go Pro Hero 3+ and I had a chance to throw a short edit from my usual training sesh. Have fun and be safe out there!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI had a rad weekend in Singapore. Went down there for another round of Holy Crit. The route was somewhere around Tanglin and I must say that I really love that place. Perfect spot to organize a crit race, the road was liltle bit wet before the race start. No major attack during the race as I was just trying to play safe. In the end of the race I manage to win the race on the last sprint. Everything was really on point last night. Shout out to Fix Up Your Gear for setting up my bike. It worked really well that night. Congratulation CAS and Lion City Fixed Gear for another succesful event. Looking foward for another one! Checkout this photoset by the amazing Yasin Rahim.

Haven’t post a skate video for awhile. I grew up watching Andrew skating. He’s like one of my role model on and off the board. He live his life by skating. One of the guy who make me believe if we continue doing something that you love, you’ll enjoy it. Don’t really care about the money. The money will come later.. I would rather doing something that I love than living the life doing something that I hate.. Read More

I went to China last month for Asian FIxed Gear Championship and I met the founder of Colossi, Jan Kole. As a gift for his great hospitality during my trip to Shenzen, I’ve decided to make a short documentary about his factory. You’ll be suprise to see how big the factory is and with how many big brands they work with. Can’t name it here but trust me you’ll be suprise. See it yourself how do they do it in Asia (building frames). Thanks for everything Jan and Sander. I owe you guys bigtime!


“A year ago today – 25th October 2011 – I had the chance to follow my cycling team Wightset! for a tour around the second largest state in Malaysia – Johor. At first i had the urge to cycle tour with them but then no one would be documenting this remarkable event. So i packed my glidecam, lenses, tripod and opteka grip, get in my friend’s car and tour alongside the guys for the whole 3 days straight. It was a momentous experience for me and the rest of the team as no one has ever done this kind of tour around Johor with a track bike before.” ~ duraath

Recently I chatted with Jaka aka Jil Oveme via FB. We talked about the FGFS scene in KL and as what he mentioned, the FGFS scene in KL is getting smaller day by day. But it’s great to see Jaka, Firdaus Haron, Farith Kamil and Berg Holga still rippin the street with their bikes. Such a ballers. FGFS all day everyday!


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